4th Cycle 2022 Educational Tour

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Before learners and their teachers left for Antipolo, they were invited to an early morning mass celebrated by Fr. Bernard Holzer, aa, the school director.
Learners rode 6 jeepneys to their first destination–Via Dolorosa Pilgrimage Site.
Learners are seen here walking to the site.
Teacher Raul meets with the learners assigned to him to give them orientation on how they will write their language tasks.
The learners with Teachers Andi and Nicole at the entrance of Via Dolorosa Pilgrimage Site.
Learners are writing their reflection in the meditation area of the site.
Learners are having their photo taken at the foot of the crucifix in Via Dolorosa Pilgrimage Site.
ALC Teachers are seen here smiling at the camera near the entrance of Pinto Museum.
Michel and Br. Judi marvel at this Volkwagen that is part of an installation in Pinto Museum.
Learners writing questions that will help them write their essays for the newsletter that they will be producing.
Two of our learners enjoying the cool water of the pool in Hinulugang Taktak Falls.
A group of learners before their turn to do the canopy walk in Hinulugang Taktak Falls.
Teacher Vina and the learners assigned to her have their photo taken after completing the walk above the trees.
Building Connections Through Art, Nature, and Language

25 November 2022 – 4th Cycle Educational Tour

Antipolo City (Via Dolorosa, Pinto Museum, and Hinulugang Taktak).