Teachers at ALC consistently show their excellence, professionalism, and genuine care for their learners in teaching their classes. They maintain a high level of dynamism, passion, and creativity, ensuring that every class (whether online or in-person) is carefully planned and executed.

ALC supports all their ongoing trainings and sharpening of their teaching skills as part of the mission of the school.

Teacher Laica

Teacher Raul

Teacher Vina

Teacher Jen

Teacher Gem

Teacher Janella

Teacher Mariel

Teacher Hugues

Teacher Bars

Teacher Owa

Teacher Ybonne

Teacher Mars

Teacher Lori

Teacher Jim

Teacher Jashon

Teacher Cri

Teacher Mae

Teacher Michelle

Teacher Jaime

Teacher Camille

Teacher Paolo

Teacher Sonny

Teacher Alvin

Teacher Karen

Teacher Brian

Teacher Maggie

Teacher Andi

Teacher Honesto

Teacher Jarkie

Teacher Misha

Teacher Faith

Teacher Jishika

Management Committe

Fr. Bernard

School Director

Teacher John

Academic Director

Br. Joseph Thien

Marketing Officer


Admin Officer